I would give the edge to Super 17, and here’s why. So how did 17 get so far ahead? On equal stats, it would still take a while for Goku to win, which can give 17 an advantage. I'll see about rewatching those episodes in the next couple of days. COMICS. Goku simply can't win this if they're equal in PL. His favorite actors are Tyrone Power, Charlton Heston, and Eleanor Parker. 8 Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Android 17, & Android 18 Vs. Anilaza He is the author of the psychological thriller and time travel novel, "A Man Against the World." … Android 17 has been busy. He calls a press conference. @apex_pretador: Why is Goku ssj2? Goku!! Just don't put too much stress into numbers. Android 17 vs. Both androids now have families, but 17 has spent most of his time protecting his island from poachers. Been busy moving and just got my computer set up last night. but I'm headed to bed for now so I'll have to get to it tomorrow. Elsewhere, Mr. Satan is deciding to call it quits because Majin Buu is no longer there to help him become a better fighter. 17, easily since his full power = feats in episode 128. He is overweight and has pointed, light blue cold eyes. Or do you want to wait for more votes? Even if he's fighting at the level he did against Goku and Aniraza he'd win because of infinite stamina + barrier. People often use the sparring match between him and Goku as evidence to prove that he is SSB level. @buttersdaman000: I guess if they are equalized in base people will try and pull out the kaioken argument which results in a stomp for goku. @apex_pretador: Goku wins in any form except maybe ssj3 do to massive power drain. 11-16 -2020, ... and I'm not really comfortable saying Super-era Krillin is concretely strong enough to hang with #17 or others around the SSJ level. I'll have to watch the episodes again, but if he was using Kai or bubbles he would have transmitted to them, not right behind Beerus. He trained a lot from buu arc to BoG, and probably there is implication that he surpassed gohan and SS3 gotenks. Close. 2. But Kaioken increases the power level.....it wouldn't be allowed anyways lol. My list of the different Power Levels of Superman. After squaring off against Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Android 17 proved that he was a force to be reckoned with. The moment belonged to Gohan, and it was just Goku and Vegeta’s job to show up and use their power to distract the giant robot. Due to 17's physiology and his commitment to his training, he was able to keep up with the Z-Warriors off-screen and save the day for Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Super. I don't remember him using IT on kaio planet. He has a degree in journalism from the University of Montevallo. Krillin (DBS) vs. Android 17 (Cell Saga). Originally, Android 17 and his sister, Android 18, were incredibly powerful villains who fought the Z-Warriors in the Cell Saga. Dragon Ball Super made Android 17 one of the anime's four strongest heroes, the others being Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. He also has interests in ancient history. Posted by 2 years ago. Eh, too much speculation in these types of battles for me. Topic: TOURNAMENT OF POWER ep124: Base Goku vs Android 17. ryans. He was later used as a villain in Dragon Ball GT, which is no longer canon. This of course makes it easier for Android 17 to make gains than it would be for the other heroes, who don't share the benefits of infinite energy. So it makes sense that 17 would continue to improve while 18's power has remained somewhat consistent with what it was before. Also, the manga has revealed that 17 lives on his island with Cell Juniors, so he may have had training partners to keep him in shape. 2 years ago maxxc10X @apex_pretador: In the special Dragon Ball: Heya! Related: Dragon Ball: Yamcha's Best Moments Were All In Filler Episodes. Android 19(After Absorbing Super Saiyan Goku's Kamehameha)157,000,000 Super Saiyan Goku(Power Weakeing by Heart Virus)176,000,000 Super Saiyan Goku(Power Weakeing by Heart Virus)81,000,000 The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Cell Juniors look quite similar to Cell in his Perfect form, the main differences being that they are both smaller and blue. Strain of SS2, while not as large as SS3 or kaioken, is still there. Now I think you could post your opinions on the battle. When Dragon Ball Super brought back Android 17 for the Tournament of Power, he was one of the anime's four strongest heroes. On equal stats, it would still take a while for Goku to win, which can give 17 an advantage. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. 1. How did this happen? Android 17 returns to Dragon Ball and the important event is marked by a thrilling battle as he and Goku meet for the first time! @apex_pretador: Are you going to call the match? One year after the defeat of Baby, Goku is competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament's junior division as a result of his height (although Mr. Satan created a height requirement due to the fact that he is afraid to face Goku). Son Goku and Friends Return! Goku, he would still have far more skill to rely on than 17. Black wings, purple lines on the cheeks, yellow ears, pink eyes, and purple veins are present on the body. EP 85 The Universes Go into Action - Each with Their Own Motives. Toppo(Universe 11/Full power) - 1,100,553,000,000,000; Gohan,Piccolo,Android 17 vs Other fighter. Goku vs. Android 17. Thanks to 17's resilience, Universe 7 won the Tournament of Power. Goku's the better fighter, but 17 cause unlimited stamina. By ki amp, I mean gathering & amplifying the power of their attacks like how vegeta's final flash did , or goku's full powered KHH did. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. I know he used it against Beerus at least once, but I could be mistaken on when it was. 18 is nowhere near his level anymore and is likely closer to Piccolo in terms of strength, whereas as Android 17 is only slightly weaker than Gohan. Android 17: 360,000,000 (many believe that he is stronger than his sister, I have no evidence to agree with this or disagree. We saw goku go all out in the exhibition match vs universe 9 and he basically destroyed Toppo, the guy in line to be a god of destruction and vegeta is basically always just a little behind Goku in terms of power. Will Goku see him as a worthwhile member of the team? Goku couldn't keep up with Hit in Blue and went as far as to use Kaio Ken as a last resort. Botamo(Universe 6) - 83,000,000; Android 17(Heavily Supressed) - 8,900,000,000+ Piccolo(Supressed) - 1,040,000,000; Jirasen(Universe 10) - 61,300,000; Napapa(Universe 10) - 145,550,000; Methiop(Universe 10) - 47,000,000; Android 18 vs Ribrianne,Kakunsa,Rozie A one-stop shop for all things video games. @apex_pretador: Why is Goku ssj2? It worked out well, but in the end this wasn’t how the giant robot was taken care of. If Goku and 17 are the same power level it doesn't matter what form Goku is in lol. He also use it against Metal Cooler in the movie who is also an android without a ki signature. Nicholas Raymond is a staff features writer for Screen Rant. Androids. Piccolo VS Android 17 POWER LEVELS Over The Years including Dragon Ball Power Levels for Piccolo and Dragon Ball Z Power Levels for both Piccolo and 17. 9 5 59. Gohan couldn't beat Universe 11's third strongest fighter, Dyspo, without help from Golden Frieza, and Android 17 wasn't able to do much against Jiren. Why give Goku a purposeful disadvantage when Androids have an innate advantage in that area? As in, on Kai's planet. The off-shooting sections on the head are much shorter and are more vertically oriented. After Cell was defeated and 17 was saved, he disappeared from the anime. Golden Age Maximum: (Z.) What's the point of having transformations for Goku if the power level is capped? He is incredibly skilled in using IT. The only thing I can say is that he had a very good fight against Piccolo and proved he is at least as strong as a Super Namekian) Goku!! !, Goku uses the Instant Transmission to warp everybody to the radish field without looking for a ki. ... 7’s Tournament of Power roster. This is further supported by several other factors: Tien being the most serious fighter of all the humans, Goku's slowed power boosts after unlocking SSJ, and Tien's activeness throughout this arc (against Android #17 and Semi-Perfect Cell). ... With martial arts tournament rules in play, Krillin's strength isn't solely based on his power level! I respectfully disagree. 3,520,000,000,000 (3.52 Trillion), (8.8 * 10^41 joules) ~ Sun/around my calculation for Android 17 vs Kami-fused Piccolo level Nicholas' love for telling stories is inspired by his love for film noir, westerns, superhero movies, classic films, foreign cinema, and wuxia. Considering GT’s dubious relation to the canon of the franchise, it’s arguable that Android 21’s god-level fighting skills dwarf those of Super 17, but then again, GT was filled with ludicrous, earth-shattering power levels, and we know for sure that Super 17 was able to go up against Super Saiyan 4 Goku, who is essentially a god-like entity. Can you show me when that is stated in Super? If it was in the last episode I haven't seen it yet. Dragon Ball Super made Android 17 one of the anime's four strongest heroes, the others being Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Archived. If I am not mistaken(and I could be) didn't Goku use Instant Transmission in his fight with Beerus before he could sense Beerus' Ki? Surprisingly, Android 17 outlasted every fighter and became the last man standing when Goku and Frieza sacrificed themselves to take down Jiren. Both Gohan and Android 17 seemed to struggle equally against Universe 11's Top, so it was clear then that the two were somewhat close in power levels, but far away from Goku and Vegeta. We don't know that Goku has done extensive training to master SSj2 naturally like he did SSj1 (correct me if I'm wrong there but I don't remember it being mentioned, certainly wasn't shown) so he could drop out of it during a fight with a being whose Power Level never drops, who doesn't get tired and make mistakes out of exhaustion. After joining the team, Android 17 participated in fights with Universe 11's Top, warriors from Universe 2, and helped Goku and Frieza fight a severely weakened Jiren. I'd say 17 is on a goku SS2 level right now. SP Android #17 SP was on the receiving end of some Balance Changes and with his newfound Android Z-Ability and overall stat increase, is ready to be the brick wall in PVP he was on release.. Toolkit wise, his Main Ability, Barrier, and Cover were all improved significantly. Casual. They also do not have stingers on their backs as Cell does, which renders them unable to absorb other beings, or create offspri… More: Dragon Ball Super: Z Warriors Missing From Goku's Tournament of Power Team. It's important to note that 17 (and 18) have advantages that other characters in the Dragon Ball universe don't have. 17 has remained active and hasn't slacked off on his training, whereas 18 is less interested in fighting and more focused on being a full-time mother. Zeno decides do make them fight because reasons. Even if he did, he might've been using kaio or bubbles as a reference point, seeing how skilled he is. 18 is nowhere near his level anymore and is likely closer to Piccolo in terms of strength, whereas as Android 17 is only slightly weaker than Gohan. By that same token, he may have also mastered it to the point he doesn't have to use Ki sensing anymore to use it. re: TOURNAMENT OF POWER ep124: Base Goku vs Android 17 quote VampireWicked You're asking for an image because an image can be argued either way, for or against him standing in Base Form. Ahh yes, I do remember that, as well as when he was trying to sense Gohan to return to Earth to fight Frieza, but in both instances that was to travel distances measured in light years. Some people say that Mr. Satan will be back within … If Goku and 17 are the same power level it doesn't matter what form Goku is in lol. But how did 17 suddenly become so powerful - let alone the breakout star of the Tournament of Power? 17 and his sister, Android 18, had comparable power levels in the Cell Saga, but 17 has surpassed her by a wide margin. First of all, the staggering difference in power levels between 17 and 18 can be explained by looking at what the two have been doing since the Cell Saga ended. Goku's the better fighter, but 17 cause unlimited stamina. Android 17 was matched up with Piccolo (who he was unable to beat) and absorbed by Cell. It was when goku was trying to contact kaioshin. Casual. Android 17 suddenly became one of the strongest heroes in the world of Dragon Ball when he was brought back for Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power. He was trying hard to sense kaioshin so that he could teleport to him (he can sense gods by now) , but kaioshin defused, so he couldn't sense him. Android 17 made a proper return in Dragon Ball Super when Goku had to find fighters for Universe 7's Tournament of Power team. I guess this is a bump. 17 and his sister, Android 18, had comparable power levels in the Cell Saga, but 17 has surpassed her by a wide margin. But how did 17 suddenly become so powerful - let alone the breakout star of the Tournament of Power? Android 21 Power Levels Initially, Android 21 is weaker than Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, with the Saiyan Prince observing that had he access to his full potential, he would be able to destroy the android singlehandedly. I say Android 17 wins quite handily, unless Goku finds a way to get an advantage quickly (sever/break a limb, ect), which could happen since Goku is a great fighter. Better ki amplification, as seen that higher forms have better ki amp than lower forms. Hit vs Android 17(DBS) Dragon Ball - General ... Uhh, did you not watch the Hit vs Goku fight? Not having a limit placed on much they can train is obviously a huge perk. He can be reached by email at cnrmail@bellsouth.net and on Twitter at @cnraymond91. It was frequently pointed out in the Tournament of Power that the androids have infinite energy, which means that they never get tired. It's clear he uses ki for accuracy purposes, not because the ability itself requires it. (again, I'm saying "might"). Ultimately, with the help of Android 21's good personality, Goku is able to destroy Android 21 with a Super Spirit Bomb. Not sure why 17's power boost gets so much attention when he … For starters, we don’t truly know where Android 17 from Super scales when it comes to power. His favorite film is Casablanca, and his favorite director is Alfred Hitchcock. Goku vs. Android 17. Overview. Base would be the smartest form to fight at, 4. He might've mastered IT usage. Not only has he started a family, but he's been training as well. On special, I'm not sure if it's canon or not, but. Fights like Trunks vs Black, Krillin vs Goku, Toppo vs Goku and even now 17 vs Goku would make more sense, since regular SSJ can put somewhat of a fight with them and then fight them more with SSB" Future Trunks was demolished by SSJB Vegeta literally last episode, him fighting evenly with Black and Zamasu can't be anything more than PIS. s-e-e-k-e-r 154 total posts: 1847 since: Sep 2015. @buttersdaman000: idk lol i'm not the op I just thought that was a possibility. 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Android 19's appearance consists of completely white skin, two dangling earrings, extra large orange pants, an extra large banana white strap-on vest, a broad red sash, and an orange pointed hat with a Red Ribbon Army logo on the front. I mean, Frieza caught up to god level despite being kid's fodder by the Buu Saga in just four months of level grinding and Gohan 'rivaled' Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan with just one night of hard training. Who wins? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Android #17 - 400,000,000; Android #18 - 350,000,000; Android #19 (Initial) - 60,000,000 Ki amp means it surpasses the 60,000 cap.... 3. But that is speculation unless we know if he used it against Beerus when he couldn't sense Beerus god ki. He couldn't use IT without ki sensing even now, as said in super. Android 17 vs. Underneath his hat is a domed glass cranium, similar to that of Android 20 but with a pinkish color and an entirely mechanical brain housed inside.

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