Any ideas on how to cope with this? On the other hand, if your lawn has partial shade, then zoysia grass is a better option. It’s actually the better part of my lawn since the stuff in full sun can’t hack it becuase the root system sucks. My dogs don't spend much time in the area where the Zoysia grass would be laid. Zoysia and 419 are anything but compatible. That is the only solution. Now that you’ve gone through Zoysia vs Bermuda difference, you know which one suits your lawn best. St Augustine grass problem. This can get pricey. When I talked to the girl at the sod farm and was explaining the conditions in my yard. It was overfertilized, but with organics, not synthetics. South Florida Turfgrass Field Day and Expo. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. When the zoysia seeds are mixed with seeds of cool-season grasses (such as bluegrass and fescue) and planted together, they will produce a mixture of grasses that will keep a lawn green (in some regions) throughout the year. The plugs will create brown patches … You can't grow anything else besides zoysia or bermuda though. Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video. Others have reported that five sequential applications of fenoxaprop at 0.56 lb/acre controlled bermudagrass up to 80% (6). How to: Identification of the Difference Between Zoysia Grass & Bermuda Grass. green in atlanta – posted 28 June 2010 14:20. generally speaking, zoysia plugs will never be able to compete with bermuda as bermuda is faster and more aggressive growing. But Zoysia is light green no matter how much fertilzer you give it. And I won't have to give so many doggie baths. You can read Bermuda grass vs St. Augustine for more options. My intial idea was to have bermuda and then overseed with a rye grass to keep it green in the winter. Furthermore, can you mix St Augustine and Zoysia? My concern with mixing the grasses may boil down to the timing of when the grasses enter and exit from their dormant state. I have Meyer Zoysia and bermuda is creeping in. Whether Zoysia is right for you depends on where you live, your lawn care goals, and how you use your lawn. In its optimal growing zones, this tough grass can deliver a beautiful, dense lawn with very little input from you. Fescue can't take the heat and St. Augustine requires WAY to much water (I would have to water everyday). generally speaking, zoysia plugs will never be able to compete with bermuda as bermuda is faster and more aggressive growing. It is a 1-week job for someone with a bobcat or skidsteer. Thiele); however, the Had you talked with these folks your water would now be draining properly. I am worried that my yard will look mismatched. I used to call the combination my "landlord grass" because tenants can't kill it. It’s def not as thick as it should be but unless you’re standing directly on top of it you can’t tell that it’s kind of thin. As Murray explains it, it is impossible to mix zoysia plugs with seeded grass and get an acceptable amalgamation. If you worry it, you will probably have bermuda; if you turn your back on it, you will have zoysiagrass. Here's a picture from last year.{{gwi:84877}}. Back yard gets a maximum of 3-4 hours of direct sunlight and it is not enough for the grass to grow – have only patches of grass in the backyard. ft) has Bermuda but it is not growing well due to high shade in the back yard. Auteck, I live in coastal NC.dchall, thanks for the sugar suggestion, i have heard of adding corn meal after the sugar, do you have any experience with this.thanks. Need help…live in DFW sodded Palmetto S/A last year looked great…over seeded Winter Rye…mow yard looks awful. But Zoysia is light green no matter how much fertilzer you give it. Never stop playing around with different things that might enhance your reputation / business. If your existing Bermuda grass lawn is partially shaded, overseeding with shade-friendly zoysia may help to keep your entire lawn green and attractive through much of … They don't look the same at all. These simply can't do what a tractor can do. One major benefit to planting zoysia rather than St. Augustine is that zoysia has viable seed options, which is by far the cheapest way to establish a new lawn. Never sit on your ass and stop learning. Bermuda grass on the other hand will require half to one pound of nitrogen for every 1,000 square feet of lawn in an interval of 4-6 weeks during spring and summer. I think this is a must before you think about anything else. 1 decade ago. No, there are going to be more flower beds!!! Need help: Weed control for ornamental perennial peanut (rhizomes type)? Fluazifop has been reported to injure and reduce stand quality of ‘Emerald’ zoysiagrass (Zoysia japonica Steud. Can you expect Zoysia grass to overtake St. Augustine grass in your lawn? It is also a warm-season grass, meaning that it’s only green during the warm months of the year when it is actively growing, which also happens to be the best time to kill it. I have a small patch of zoysia that you cannot tell from the adjacent bermuda without getting on your hands and knees. Try looking for Cavalier or Emerald, they're both fine bladed and extremely dense when properly fertilized. Which of these lawn care services are necessary. The presence of shade will help you determine whether you want Bermuda or zoysia grass. Hope that is helpful. In drought-like conditions, the grass may turn yellow and remain dormant until it gets adequate water again. Putting zoysia down will not only be expensive, but will lead to a very mottled lawn for the interim period when it is spreading and filling in unless you kill the fescue first, and it really sounds as if fescue is the proper grass for your zone anyway. She said they would eventually grow together and blend. You need to get that straightened out or you may lose your house to mold/mildew. When bermuda is properly fertilized and water, it has a dark green color like most cool season grasses. And lastly, zoysia grass sometimes takes two to three years to fill out and reach the desired density. Unlike the Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass requires full sun for optimum growth but it can also tolerate some light shade. What would be the best way to install Zoysia, plug or seed? Our neighbors lot is very shaded and he planted some Zoysia a few years ago and has had great success with it both in staying green and mixing with the bermuda. Also, zoysia loves the sun. It may be low maintenance, but if immediate results are what you want, zoysia grass may not be for you.