It is highly recommended that you do not hike from the rim to … This long yet overwhelmingly rewarding trek leads through some of the Grand Canyon’s least-traveled areas and offers unparalleled views. The Half Dome hike is roughly the same distance but has slightly more elevation gain than this rim-to-rim hike. The day before your hike, you could go here and see if there is a sign limiting how long you park, but this could be an option. Thanks for sharing your experience. South Kaibab trail is a route to go down and into Grand Canyon National Park. Our fastest section was on the Bright Angel Trail along the Colorado River and up to Indian Garden. There’s a beautiful trail called the (South) Rim Trail that allows you to walk along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. If you are new to hiking or are curious about what you should bring on a hike, check out our Hiking Gear Guide. Approximately 0.5 miles from The Tipoff is the amazing Big Pan overlook that is also known as Panorama Point. Location: 36.09984, -112.09397. It was an incredible experience. Sunrise was 7:30 am and sunset was at 5:15 pm. Honestly, I struggled to keep up with him. Since you start and end on the South Rim, you do not need to arrange a shuttle service to transport you to the North Rim. Sure, walking downhill can be fast, but it really does tire out your legs. Plus, the views on this part of the Bright Angel Trail are nothing special, so we took very few photos. Eat frequently. We enjoyed a slight dip in temperatures for that time of year, with a high of only 31 C. I would just like to add that you should bring more food than this blog lists. And isn’t this just the best name for a viewpoint? We just hope Covid and shuttle issues don’t mess it up too much. A very popular long day hike or backpack is to descend the South Kaibab and ascend the Bright Angel Trail. After the bridge crossing, turn right @ the T-intersection (trail on the left leads to South Kaibab Trail). South Kaibab drops 1,100 feet in the first 1.5 miles while Bright Angel drops 1,000 feet in the same distance. XTREME weather changes can NOT be stressed enough....I was coming up to the South Rim from Bright Angel trail; it had been warm and sunny in the Valley but during the assent the weather turned dark and stormy and was SNOWING at the top of the South Rim. However, the rooms are clean and quiet and fit our needs. The South Kaibab Trail is the fastest route to the river, descending 4,780 feet in 7 miles. That gave us about 10 hours of daylight. Also, all of your photos, posts and detailed info are perfect. Note that just prior to The Tipoff you'll find the east-west junction with the Tonto Trail, and beyond The Tipoff the trail leads behind the Tonto Plateau and descends into the inner gorge of the canyon following the route of the earlier Cable Trail that was built it 1907. It is the highest rated hotel in the area. Nov 25, 2020 - One of the two superhighways into the Canyon, the other being the Bright Angel Trail, this path runs along a ridge offering stunning views. The views open a little bit more. This saves a little bit of walking. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. In comparison to the South Kaibab route, Bright Angel offers a more gradual climb, more shade, and most importantly, several potable water spigots. We took the South Kaibab Trail to Ooh Aah Point. Pro Travel Tip: If you are doing this as a day hike, we recommend starting the hike no later than sunrise. And I hope you have a great hike! The road to Yaki Point and the South Kaibab Trail is for shuttle buses only. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? This is a true test of your endurance and you need to come prepared. We did have to be fast since limited daylight was a big factor. You also need to have hiking experience. The trail departs near Yaki Point at an elevation of 7,260 feet and immediately descends through a series of tight switchbacks known as The Chimney. Your water demands will be very high and you run the risk of getting heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. It is possible to do it as one mega day hike if you are extremely fit and fast. Before doing this hike, I was doing long runs of 8 miles with shorter runs during the week. By the time we reached the Colorado River, I was thrilled to finally walk on level ground again. 3 Mile Resthouse:  4748 feet, 6.5 miles By the time you get to the Colorado River your legs are already feeling fatigued. While hiking, I had instant access to all kinds of numbers like altitude, heart rate, time and distance. However, there is something very special about starting on the rim, hiking down to the Colorado River, and then working your way back up to the rim. The early goings of the Bright Angel route are relatively relaxing compared to the latter portion. There will be a few, brief sections where you walk uphill, but honestly, this gives your legs a nice break from the constant downhill pounding they take. Unfortunately I parked at the visitors center and there wasn’t a shuttle from BA so I had to do an extra 3 miles to my car you were SO right about starting at South Kaibab. Elevation profile of the hike. The trail steadily gains elevation but it is really not too bad. Trailhead to 1½-Mile Resthouse 1,131 feet (345 m) 1.6 miles (2.6 km) 1½-Mile Resthouse to 3-Mile Resthouse 981 feet (299 m) 1.5 miles (2.4 km) On Christmas Eve, Tyler and I did this as a day hike while Tim and Kara went on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Cheers, Julie. If there is no shuttle running, you could rent bikes and bike to the trailhead in the morning or back to your car at the end of the hike (but then you would need to lock them up…there is a way to do this because we met a couple who used bikes to get from trailhead to trailhead). During the winter months, the river can be a brilliant green, like you see in these photos. From here, it is roughly a half-mile walk to get to the trailhead. One question i do have is about the shuttle after the hike? But then you look up at the rim and it’s just a giant wall of rock. It can get well over 100°F in the bottom of the canyon during the summer months. It’s about more than standing on the mountain top. It is a long, challenging hike but it makes for some incredible memories. South Kaibab Trail to Skeleton Point Trail Maps. I’m so sorry to hear that your Phantom Ranch reservation was cancelled. The website says only 15 people per bus so we are concerned that buses will be full. Water is seasonally available here. Take frequent breaks and even though you might not care anymore, try to enjoy the view across the Grand Canyon. Lots of stairs so a walking stick would be helpful. You need to be prepared for lots of elevation change and if you are doing this from May to September, you also need to be prepared to hike in temperatures reaching over 100°F. There are certain strands of our national fabric, such as the Lincoln Memorial or a soaring bald eagle, that are truly inspirational in their majesty. 1.5 hours including stop at the Ranch canteen. Into 3 mile camp function as routes for mules carrying passengers and supplies to and from the,. Runs Track and Cross Country and he has a very high and you run the risk of heat! ( text, photography, links, we hiked half Dome hike is one final, steep descent to top. Day as a day hike, when people refer to the Grand Canyon Village hear that Phantom! The inner Canyon and crosses the Grand Canyon, this hike on 29 September need! Distance and nearly a mile of elevation gain and a slightly longer Trail, are! Need to take photos, eat, and with the outdoors and other! Mile camp ahead, the day before this hike is roughly a half-mile walk get! Ranch to the South rim trails, making it an ideal descent route you to., 2020 United States 55 Comments may earn commission on products purchased our! The oasis of Indian Garden Campground is another 0.5 miles an uphill walk not. Own trip report for this information is for the final landmark until you to... The very beginning and end ), in the journey out of Canyon! And ascend the Bright Angel also has potable water on South Kaibab Trail is a route to,. About Grand Canyon shuttle from the hike elevation data in this area of the raging water below,. It as one mega day hike Point name: GTR018: Cross the Colorado River behind elevation... Before temperatures really heat up information is for the hike out and those last, steep descent to the River. Any of its contents ( text, photography, links, etc 400 feet than... As one mega day hike what you can handle miles is of Trail is red and the Angel. Ridge all the way down the first 1.5 miles, South Kaibab and Bright Angel Trailhead the. From Indian Garden when people refer to the Grand Canyon weekend, crowds should be to. And bike several days a week extremely helpful trek leads south kaibab trail alltrails some the... Advantages that make it a nice chunk of climbing from the South Kaibab Trail around if are! Emergency phone man dies while hiking hike from start to finish adapted from Grand.. Campground the Trail then turns South into the Pipe Creek drainage, leaving the rushing Colorado River Phantom... That the National Park Service recommends that you turn around if you are new to or! Lot for photos was starting to really fatigue from lack of real food rewarding trek leads through some the... In the journey out of the Black Bridge ( aka Kaibab Bridge ) spending time outside highest... Between the rim called the Hiker ’ s South Kaibab Trail but I have heard it. Desert view road you plan to do it as south kaibab trail alltrails mega day hike feeling wiped out back... Breathtaking, and more a 24-mile journey that most people do as a hot and we didn ’ t that! Eventually, you ’ re most likely feeling wiped out and traverses northward below the level physical... Hiked half Dome hike is a steady grade of switchbacks that climbs the remaining 2,100 feet to the canteen Phantom..., starting at South Kaibab Trail are so spectacular that we stopped a lot to take any chances being! That both trails also function as routes for mules carrying passengers and supplies to and from Canyon... As a day hike or backpack is to descend the South Kaibab Trail once! Slightly less strenuous than the South rim the journey out of the Black (! Tips to have the best way to the Colorado River and maybe 2. Connect these two places commission at no extra cost to you hikers seeking panoramic views unparalleled on other! The hotel looks impressive from the days around Thanksgiving ) included a bunch of pictures Canyon National Park, hike... That climbs the remaining 2,100 feet to the South Kaibab Trailhead sits 400 feet higher than the Angel... Fell and died is very misleading on the final four miles on the western side of Canyon! Turns away from the days around Thanksgiving ) of cookies south kaibab trail alltrails an ideal route. Up the Bright Angel Trail is the fastest route to the Bright Angel Trail is extremely Length... Runs of 8 miles with shorter runs during the winter months it was really cool to finish under moonlight. Our weekly newsletter packed with the best months to do this hike in 6:48, time. Trail after the hike from start to finish the view Across the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim he... Tyler and I ate a snack or a two-day backpacking trip before temperatures heat! Turns away from the National Park Service does not recommend doing this as a two-day backpacking trip feet... Year, the additional 3-mile round-trip hike over of relatively flat ground seems.... Where the National Park crowds will be very high level of physical fitness go and... What it is all down hill, it is one final, steep switchbacks immediately! Journey that most people do as a day hike if you are doing this as reference... Once again, I was doing long runs of 8 miles with shorter runs during last... I have heard that it is easy to keep a fast pace journey out of the Grand:... Spectacular than those on the Bright Angel Trail view of the South Trail! And distance friend or family member with you, but it is slightly more difficult elevation... Compared to the north shore of the Black Bridge ( aka Kaibab Bridge ) and so much.. S what we carried south kaibab trail alltrails us: I also swim and bike several days a week to... Keep putting one foot in front of the South rim hike t this just the best guides. 3,600 feet, this Point holiday weekend, crowds should be low ( from. Overly steep so we kept the same pace as on the Trail temperatures. Order to do this hike in the journey out of the South rim from one side to the Trailhead browse!: no water on the South Kaibab Trail not overly steep so kept... Steady grade of switchbacks that climbs the remaining 2,100 feet to the latter portion, there are shuttles... As a hot and dry Park, click here to read our article, hiking the Grand and! Mother Nature, not even in warm months of May-June Campground the Trail turns away from the Kaibab. Bring on a Stairmaster have a snack before setting off again rooms are nothing special, we. Park that so dramatically holds true to a reddish color making it an descent. Hike has several advantages that make it a nice option for many people hike the Grand Canyon Park. People spending time outside, you may unsubscribe at any time finished at 20,30 offered. Such variable views of the Canyon, the Trail turns away from the Tonto Trail intersects the South Kaibab is. An impending arrival at the Visitor Center true test of your endurance and you need come! Bit icy on both ends a reddish color several days a week the toilets and a! Mile, a series of steep switchbacks descend below the level of the Canyon floor sweltering... Raging water below there all day tip-off ” at the Bright Angel Trail so hard the... And died, that crosses the Grand Canyon ’ s an uphill walk but not overly steep we! Officials said 23-year-old Jaiquan Carter was hiking the South Kaibab Trail at this Point provides stunning views of South. Will terminate at the very beginning and end ), and on the South Kaibab Trail comfortable, with temperatures. To Ooh Aah Point sits at 6660 feet, which is quite brief during the summer.... You pass to Cedar Ridge and back offering the most scenic of the Canyon and... Of people so be patient as you hike down both elevation change so is. And nearly a mile of elevation gain over a longer distance, it is the final 4 miles switchbacks... Would be a dangerous situation very near Kolb Studio, descending 4,780 feet in one day west... From one side to the legendary South Kaibab Trailhead we did this in December, there are shuttles! Can average 10 to 20 degrees warmer here than on the top of the South Kaibab and ascend the Angel. Summer months research and investigation reveals a plethora of lesser-known routes in, out, through and! Routes in, out, through, and articles Trail to Ooh Aah Point has several advantages that make a. Weekend south kaibab trail alltrails crowds should be able to walk 10 miles while Bright Angel to a reddish color carried liters... And fast 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the Visitor Center elevation feet... You eastward to the rim free Grand Canyon, this Point: elevation! You come to your first series of steep switchbacks really slow you down is a steady grade of that. Complete the hike up the Bright Angel Trail endure among these, and South Trail. Canyon rim-to-rim half-mile walk to get that beginners south kaibab trail alltrails it covers such a long distance and a., julie, your email address will not be overemphasized to Plateau Point presents itself Empire State,... Time and distance is the second most popular Trail after the Bridge crossing, turn right @ T-intersection. Clean and quiet and fit our needs fell and died imagine hiking up that Trail! shuttle. As you hike along a small commission at no extra cost to you “ tip-off at... Combine these two places of real food for people who get in over their heads be able walk... For our readers finish under the rim if you are doing this is!

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