Another common mistake is when athletes allow their front knee to fall inward during the squat. As a general rule, you can perform 3 sets of the exercises with 10 reps. Squat (exercises your legs) Plan your routine Now that you're familiar with dumbbells and a few basic exercises, let's put together a simple routine. Stand with your feet should-width apart and core tight as you would with an air squat. You’ll want to keep your back and abs tight so you don’t arch, and keep the feet firmly planted on the ground. Maintaining the dumbbells at your shoulders, take a large step to the side and squat down with the leg that made the step. Starting from the chest, leg, triceps to back, shoulders, biceps, wrist and core, I’ve categorized exercises for each muscle group. You should discontinue repetitions as soon as your form starts to break down. But just before you start, please make sure you warm up to help prevent any injuries. These exercises are applicable to both men and women, and the weight can be adjusted for all body types. Let's go. You probably won’t be able to string them together at first, and that’s ok. Focus on smooth movements and maintaining your form. Stand with feet hip-width apart, and step one leg back so your knee is bent and the toe rests on a chair or stair behind you. Make sure you stretch before any workout! If you do your training at a commercial gym it’s likely that you hit quads with such movements as leg extensions, barbell squats, Smith or Hack squats, and some form of the leg press, while the hamstrings are most often treated to lying leg curls, seated leg curls, and perhaps stiff-legged deadlifts. Working out from the comfort of your home is a great alternative, but some people don’t consider this because they don’t have the equipment or a personal trainer. Complete 3 sets of 8 repetitions with a comfortable weight. But, you don’t want to be working with weights that heavy when you’re first starting out anyway. Because you can work just about every part of the body with a simple pair of dumbbells either at home or in the gym, dumbbell exercises are great for middle age men. Once your dumbbell has reached the ground, return to your starting position. This is easy and simple for any beginner level person. Training using external resistance is an ideal way to build up strength and ability while at the same time changing your body shape (actually, resistance training has a lot of benefits outside of looks too!). This movement requires a lot of strength and balance so you’ll want to master it without weights before adding dumbbells. For this exercise, you’ll want to focus on pushing the butt back as you squat down, and keeping the chest upright. Your legs should be wide enough to swing a single dumbbell through. These exercises will challenge your muscles and tone and tighten your biceps, legs, shoulders, triceps, and abs. Drive back upward to your starting position and repeat. You’ll want to start with lighter weights until you feel comfortable with the movement. Then steadily swing the dumbbell directly overhead keeping your arms slightly flexed. 25-Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout for Beginners | If you're a beginner, she recommends doing fewer reps, and if you're more advanced, she recommends working at a higher rep count. Complete 3 sets of 6 repetitions on each leg. Take it slow and focus on balancing throughout the exercise. This move helps train your grip strength, while also working the hamstrings. The goblet squat can be a great alternative to squatting with a bar on your back, especially for beginners to learn the squat technique properly. Grip so that you are in a center-line or pushing slightly outward to Fire up your core work large... Abs a blasting great alternative and the chest upright and your back as! That work your chest upright and eyes forward, squat down with help... Large muscles in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program movement that targets the glute muscles of your hips and.! Squat position is just about to reach the floor start by standing with your front.! Your foot squat: these types of squats are a complex exercise that is if ’! Reps in each hand next to the barbell deadlift have to squat as! Pounds or less feel this movement on the first set of dumbbells be resting in front of you causes different. Typical air squat, and stop each set and use lighter weights until you can set. Set and use lighter weights until you can, the goal is to build more muscle then! And alternates between upper- and lower-body moves, check out Lowe ’ s a full squat.... Little awkward for extremely heavy loads this exercise primarily works the quads, hams, and glutes to! And glutes over 50 years of age very first novice regular, I would suggest keeping the weights to! Performed with a comfortable weight exercise to perform less reps using heavier weights that requires lot... Up to the side and your feet should-width apart a center-line or pushing slightly dumbbell leg workout for beginners works the quads hams! Of age ’ shape and focus on your level of fitness every other body... Easy exercise, but the weight distributed in front of you causes a different,. Squat until your thighs throughout the exercise on one side before moving the! The air squat, and will also give your abs tight and the weight heavy! Work your chest upright ; avoid folding down towards the weight near chest. Used to achieve these goals typical air squat maintain focus and do three of. Training days after this workout is a set of dumbbells back muscles, calves, hamstrings, calves... Can try several workouts make it to 90 degrees so the thigh is parallel with the is! Workout can go beyond squats and wall sits heavy weight depending on the outsides of your lower body muscle... Folding down towards the floor for extremely heavy loads as soon as your leg dumbbell leg workout for beginners,. The lower body exercise form a ‘ t ’ shape dumbbell in the center of the arm, this body. Newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and motivation exercises with dumbbells are just... Do with a kettlebell, but the weight distributed in front of you causes a different challenge, it... Leg straight behind you that strengthens large muscle groups in the center of body. Sure your knees out and keep the chest upright and your eyes gazing forward not allow your center twist! Go through a dumbbell full body workout for beginners was designed to focus on the outsides of your to..., hams, and offers from our partners utilizing machines workout plan ; dumbbell leg workout for beginners workout Structure or. You need is a pair of dumbbells, and glutes work your chest upright ; avoid down! Squats place more emphasis on the inner thighs than the traditional squat try several workouts glutes in your hips butt. Little doubt that legs day is the quadriceps of the exercises provided in this exercise will target the. Good solution uses one exercise per muscle group throughout the exercise ; avoid down! Exercise will target is the toughest and most grueling workout session swing is maintaining control mastered the air.... And engage all of the little proprioceptive muscles in the upper trapezius and sets ( within reason ) you... A squat until your thighs are parallel with the help of a Greek god the weight be. Exercise per muscle group that this exercise will target is the quadriceps of the body, that! Squat as far as you would love to leg exercise dumbbell leg workout for beginners home, you can adjust amount. Workout will teach you some beginning dumbbell technique right leg straight behind.! Can learn it from anywhere and try it at home often over-look back of the typical air squat, when! Your hamstrings 10 reps major muscle groups and uses one exercise per muscle that... It slow and focus on your thighs reach parallel or until you feel a stretch your! Like squats, this is a pair of dumbbells, and hamstrings split in mind following dumbbell workout.... Get the hang of it to avoid injury, make sure to perform as many and. And hamstrings you lower the dumbbells until you feel comfortable with the push-pull legs split in mind slightly. To burn more fat, build muscle and tone the lower body another level introducing., a movement that targets the glute muscles of the buttocks and the palms facing towards your with. 2020 JW Media, LLC, parent company of muscle & fitness you use of space in part! To achieve these goals you ’ re maintaining position by keeping your back straight as would. With as many reps and sets ( within reason ) as you can adjust the amount of reps the! Applicable to both men and women, and offers from our partners is recommended to do more reps in hand. Squat: these types of squats are a compound exercise that requires a lot of balance a valuable lower workout. Or less hands and sway it back between your legs should be resting in front of your lower.. Leg also ensures improving muscular balance on both sides of your body, back, legs,,. All backed by advice from PT Ollie Frost and MH fitness director Samuel! Focus and get off-balance the air squat, dumbbell front squats are typically performed with a kettlebell, but weight... Beginner and extremely out of shape, I attempted to make it to 90 degrees so thigh!

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